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Jane Doe No More - a powerful story of hope and perseverance

“Donna Palomba’s book, Jane Doe No More, is a brave and painful tale of her experience as a victim turned into survivor and now a thriver. She is another voice in the struggle for victims’ rights in the US, as we still live in a country where evil predators have far more rights than the victims they beat, abuse, rape and sometimes murder. She is a hopeful voice and a beacon to many who struggle to survive the horrible US “justice system.” In truth, in the US we have a legal system—not a justice system—that occasionally, though not always, leads to justice for victims and their families. Donna’s story will give hope to those who have suffered and then attempt to wade through that legal system. It is a scary but very brave and hopeful tale that will help others go forward and tell their stories. Please read her book Jane Doe No More, and share it with your friends and loved ones.”

-- William A. Petit, Jr. MD, President of the Petit Family Foundation